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Each month we hand select our Underwear of the Month from our worldwide designer brands with a box value of between £27.99 & £35 and ship it direct to you with FREE worldwide shipping.

£1 from each ClubDSUnderwear box will be donated direct to The George House Trust to raise funds for people living with HIV

Below is an example of what your monthly box might include 

Month 1: 2 x Marco Marco Premium 

Month 2: 2 x Andrew Christian & 1 Marco Marco

Month 3: 1 x Marco Marco 1 x Fetish Gear 1 x Andrew Christian

Month 4: 1 x Fetish Gear 1 x Sukrew 1 x Marco Marco 1 x Andrew Christian

You select whether you'd like briefs, jocks, trunks, thongs or a mix of styles and we do the rest. Your box will ALWAYS be worth at least £27.99 and some months will be worth up to £35.99

Exclusive Silver members only discount of 20% off ALL orders at for the duration of your membership and offers on our products

Hear announcements first hand on all new styles, brands and events

When you complete your sign up you'll receive a welcome E-mail which will include a link, follow the link to make your preferred selection for monthly underwear. Please note, if this step is not completed, we will pick a selection of briefs, jocks, trunks or thongs for you each month. 

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes and not indicative of what you will receive as products change on a monthly basis. You'll always  be sent some of our latest styles from brands including Andrew Christian, Marco Marco and more.

Membership can be cancelled after 1 full price membership has been purchased

After your first month, your subscription payment will be taken on the 2nd of every month.